About Me

Hi, and thanks for visiting my lil’ ol’ website mostly about restless legs syndrome (RLS). But it’s not all legs here – I’m also a bit of health and fitness nut so I sometimes write about other general health topics too.

RLS is a curious disorder. I’m not a sufferer myself nor thankfully have I ever been but I do know a lot about it from personal experience. The causes of restless leg syndrome are still a bit confusing but research and information grows all the time, so we are gradually starting to understand it better. If you’re not 100% sure if you, or someone you know, actually has RLS then you can read more about the symptoms of restless leg syndrome.

As for what you can do about it, well, that’s open to a large amount of debate. But there are various home remedies that are proving very effective for some sufferers.

So I hope you find something useful and informative on my site, and I look forward to you coming back again soon 🙂